Data storage

When you sign up for the My Find Me Now app, you give us your email address, name, and ZIP code. This data is stored securely. Your name and/or email address may be shown to other users when you use the messaging feature. Your ZIP code may be used for reporting app statistics. This data will not be shared or sold to third parties, except as necessary to provide the service (i.e. it will be stored securely on Firebase).

When you use the App, it accesses your location and scans for nearby locator tags. When it finds a tag, it securely reports the last known location of the phone and an identifier representing the located tag. The reported data is anonymized and consists only of latitude, longitude, location approximation accuracy, and the current time. This data is only visible to that tag’s guardian and authorized users. It is erased over time according to our data retention policy. This limits locations per tag to 1 per hour for the last day, and 1 per day for the last month, or until the location history length set by the tag’s owner. You can change the reporting frequency on the FAQ page of the app.

When you use the chat feature, your name and message are broadcasted to all authorized users of the tag. Remember, the tag owner/guardian may add new authorized users at any time who will be able to view all messages posted. When you message My Find Me Now, your message will be visible to all employees of the company. The messaging data is otherwise not shared with anyone.

When you set a PIN for a device, it is one-way encrypted (hashed and salted) before being stored in the database.

To facilitate the Community Search feature, your phone’s last location will be securely stored in the database. This is used ONLY by this feature to notify devices that are within the search radius. No location history past the newest location is logged for the phone, and this data is not sold or provided to third parties except as necessary to provide the Service (community search code runs on the Google platform).

Data Requests/Update/Delete

Tag owners/guardians may remove all data linked to their tags at any time by using the delete functionality provided in the modify interface. To request a removal of all user data, or to request a copy of information we have on you, email [email protected]